Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NHA Mailers - Please stop calling

I've been getting a lot of phone calls about a company called NHA who uses the same mailing service I do.

The address on the pieces they send out are from:
332 S Michigan Ave STE 1032 #F-458
Chicago IL 60604
Some of the phone calls are complaints of people wanting their money back. Other calls are people calling to ask whether this is a legit business or if it's a legit deal. I am not affiliated with NHA in any way. They use the same mail processing service that I use (which is why my phone number shows up under searches for the address).

For more information in regard to getting your money back you can contact:
The Mail Center Of Chicago, Inc.
332 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60604

They'll more than likely have you contact the postal inspector to start an investigation. For more information on the Postal Inspector or if you feel you've become the victim of postal fraud visit:

Is NHA Legit?
If you want to know "Is NHA Legit?" I can tell you that I haven't a clue. I've not spoken with them, corresponded by writing, or had any contact with NHA whatsoever. I've not even received one of the printed flyers in the mail. I have had a few angry people contact me, so my guess would be not likely. But I'm not the judge of that. I am simply putting up this page so people find it instead of my business address and phone numbers because the phones are ringing pretty regular with concerns and complaints about a business that is not my own.

What I tell most people is that businesses (I work with) typically do not ask for money up front if you're going to be providing them with a service. If they provide you with enough contact information then they can be a legit business, but not necessarily. If they don't provide you with information like an email address, a website, a physical address, then chances are they are not a legitimate business.

Mailing services like The Mail Center of Chicago (awesome company by the way) exist in most major cities. They provide a legal forwarding postal address for businesses that want a different image. Some people do however take advantage of these services and try to use the forwarding service to defraud people.

In regard to websites, anyone can setup a website at a place like godaddy.com and have that website registered to one of these forwarding addresses or a P.O. Box. Phone numbers can be bought through services like Magic Jack where people are calling an internet phone that can be anywhere in the world. Cheap throw-away cell phones provide mobile numbers in most major cities as well.

If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

If anyone can provide me with more information about NHA I can update this page.


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